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On The Road: LBA Owner Works the Booth at FSA Portland Food Show standard

Nearly forty years ago, Margie Robert, an LBA owner, was hitting the streets the old-fashioned way, delivering fresh-baked LBA croissants, pain au chocolat, and brioche to local Seattle hotels and restaurants on foot. While no longer making deliveries on foot, Margie was on hand (and on her feet) for a long day passing along pastry tips to customers at the Food Services of America Portland (FSA) annual spring food and product show at the Portland Metropolitan Exposition Center in Portland, OR on May 6th. Long-ago abandoning fresh-baked, in-person deliveries in favor of frozen dough distribution on distributor trucks, Margie, current Vice-President of Finance and Strategic Initiatives, has nonetheless retained a keen interest in the people behind the purchase orders. Speaking of her experience at the ...

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