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Brioche Malasadas: A French Twist on the Hawaiian Confection image

Following our recent market visit to Hawaii, we came back inspired with a brilliant new use for brioche dough–malasadas! Akin to an over-sized doughnut hole, a malasada is a traditional Portuguese confection made of sweet bread rolled into egg-shaped balls, deep-fried, rolled in sugar, and often filled. It’s hard to imagine improving on the light, fluffy, eggy, buttery, decadence of brioche dough, but this might just do the trick. If you’re looking for an even better doughnut, give brioche a try! BRIOCHE MALASADAS You’ll need: Grapeseed oil (or any oil that can withstand high heat) LBA 15″ x 22″ Brioche Sheet(s) Deep-fryer or deep pot Granulated sugar or cinnamon-sugar mix (enough to coat brioche once fried) Instructions: Cut brioche sheets into 2″ ...

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Are Cake Pops Really Favored Over Croissants? image

After just three short years, Seattle’s-own coffee giant, Starbucks, is shuttering the well-loved San Francisco-based pastry and cafe chain, La Boulange. Starbucks is not only closing down their 32 retail locations, but also both manufacturing locations, making us wonder, do people really prefer cake pops to croissants with their coffee? Read on at San Francisco Eater for the full story.  

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One Teenager’s Innovation Will Wake You Up with Fresh Baked Croissant and Espresso… Every Day! image

Yes Please! I recently came across an article that brought three of my favorite subjects together. Food, technology, and sleep that I had to share. It just seems too good to be true. I think most of you would agree, that there is nothing worse than that obnoxious buzz or repetitive song blaring loudly in your ear first thing in the morning, yanking you out of a dreamy sleep. There have been many innovations in wake-up methods, but due to my love of French pastry (and coffee) one particular new method has captured my attention. Thanks to a young French entrepreneur and his team, we will soon be able to peacefully rise with the smell of “Hot Croissant”, simply by setting an alarm clock. Enter SensorWake. ...

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French-American Chamber of Commerce PNW Names LBA Winner of the Wine & Gastronomy Award gallery

Last Friday evening, members of the French-American business community and francophiles in the Seattle area gathered for the first annual French-American Business Awards hosted by the French-American Chamber of Commerce of the Pacific Northwest (FACC PNW) at the illustrious Rainier Club in Seattle, WA. The evenings festivities included what the best French-powered parties always do–good wine, buzzing conversation, and a decadent five-course meal. New to this event was the addition of the FACC PNW’S French-American Business Awards (FABA), intended to showcase “the formidable successes of French and American businesses and individuals from throughout our region” (FACC PNW). Among five nominees in its category, LBA was announced as the winner for the evening’s first award, the Wine & Gastronomy Award, designed to recognize a company for the ...

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On The Road: LBA Owner Works the Booth at FSA Portland Food Show standard

Nearly forty years ago, Margie Robert, an LBA owner, was hitting the streets the old-fashioned way, delivering fresh-baked LBA croissants, pain au chocolat, and brioche to local Seattle hotels and restaurants on foot. While no longer making deliveries on foot, Margie was on hand (and on her feet) for a long day passing along pastry tips to customers at the Food Services of America Portland (FSA) annual spring food and product show at the Portland Metropolitan Exposition Center in Portland, OR on May 6th. Long-ago abandoning fresh-baked, in-person deliveries in favor of frozen dough distribution on distributor trucks, Margie, current Vice-President of Finance and Strategic Initiatives, has nonetheless retained a keen interest in the people behind the purchase orders. Speaking of her experience at the ...

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