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The 3 Best Flower-Powered Pastry Ideas for May Day image

Like Seattle and many other U.S. cities, May Day (La Fête du Travail) in France is a public holiday to campaign for and celebrate worker’s rights. It is also, however, known as Fête du Muguet which is an occasion to present Lillies of the Valley or Dog Rose flowers to loved ones. On May 1, 1561, King Charles IV of France received flowers as a gift and loved them so much he decided to present the ladies of his court with Lillies of the Valley on May 1st. Closer in tradition to the now-fading May Day Basket tradition in the U.S., May 1st in France, besides celebrating labor rights, also celebrates the rites of spring–with flowers. Today we’re celebrating the floral tradition of ...

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Countdown to Easter: 2 Simply Parfait Pastry Recipes to Try image

The grass is growing and the days are getting longer. Spring arrives this weekend and the long, dark, drizzly days of Seattle winter are over! In just a few short weeks Easter will be upon us and the droves of hungry Seattleites coming out of hibernation will be cramming for a coveted Easter Brunch reservation. With Easter menu planning in full swing along with the blooming trees, here are two recipes with a French nod to the milestones of the Easter countdown: Palm Sunday and Good Friday. The palmier or Coeur de France (Heart of France) is a light, crispy and slightly sweet cookie made from folded puff pastry dough originating from the Languedoc-Roussillon region in France. Its palm frond ...

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Bienvenue! video

I would like to be the first to welcome you our new website! As the culmination of half a year’s worth of efforts, we are very happy and excited to be able to welcome you to come in and see what we are doing here in our bakery in Seattle. As a wholesale manufacturing business, we don’t often get a chance to meet the people who use our products. Our end users are the talented people who unbox the items we make and turn them into delicious, finished products in their own kitchens for their customers. There is a feeling of pride we get, knowing that you are out there, making wonderful food, using the frozen, prebaked and par-baked items that we produce. Our ...

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